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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Teya Skae is a researcher and regular writer for various publications in the field of nutrition, balancing stress and ways on optimizing your energy. These articles have all been published, so please reference and acknowledge Teya when using information in these articles.
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The Great Fat Debate 
Are saturated fats as bad as we've been led to believe?
Don't Underestimate Enzymes 
When We think of all the factors affecting our health, enzymes rarely rate a mention. Yet, says Teya Skae, we need them just to make life possible.
Stress and Hormones Management - Health Watch 
Strike a Balance with Progesterone the Foundational Hormone we all need for life.
Hot Topic - Vitamin D 
For stronger bones & a healthier you!
Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time 
Ever thought of changing your focus from managing time to managing energy? Here’s the good news if you dare to go there.
Fitness First 
Ditch The Stress  for Deep Rest with Effortless Meditation Technique published in Fitness First Australia November 09
Balancing Stress for Optimal Health 
Stress is a part of everyday life. Teya Skae explores how to perform in the storm.
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   “Thanks for all your efforts with helping me to stop smoking and dealing with other physical and emotional issues You're a legend! To anyone reading this.
  Oliver Mathys
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