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Thursday, February 22, 2018
Would you like to:
Experience increased energy?
Kiss fatigue goodbye?
Eliminate sweet cravings?
Feel a sense of uplifment and emotional well-being after every meal?
Feel grounded?
Enjoy stable thought processes throughout the day?
Maintain a healthy balanced appetite?
Experience no hunger or cravings in between or after meals?
Eliminate gas and digestive disturbances?
Feel focused and grounded after meals instead of tired and lethargic?
Enjoy more lasting energy throughout the day?
Eliminate hyperactivity and moodiness?
Eliminate dips of low energy and hypoglycemia?
Build better health and eliminate degenerative conditions?

Teya runs Introduction to Metabolic Typing® courses and has helped many people overcome fatigue and chronic symptoms with her integrated/holistic methodology which is exclusively Teya’s unique approach of working with the whole person.

Beyond the myth of the right diet   
Upgrade Your Fuel Mix “You Are What You Eat”   
Balance Your Fat Programs At The Cellular Level   
Metabolic Typing® Lecture “Changed My Energy Levels”    

Then Metabolic Typing® is the answer!

How can someone eat all the so called healthy food ‾ salads, fruits and vegetables ‾ eat the best organic food, exercise regularly, drink plenty of fluids, get enough rest take the finest supplements that money can buy, and still feel not right?

The Answer is Biochemical Individuality or Metabolic Typing®

This is based on the fact that we are All unique. No two people have the same fingerprints not even identical twins.

Just as we are all unique; with different hair colour, skin texture, body shape, eyes, we are also biochemically unique.

This is why advocating a one diet approach for all, is the biggest mistake health authorities make today!

Metabolic Typing® goes beyond the myth of one diet approach for all Because:

Following one diet approach for all leaves one third of the population feeling good, the other third not any different and the remaining third feeling even worse. In some cases what works well for one person is completely ineffective or even counterproductive for another.

There can not be one diet for all, as there is no such thing as the RIGHT nutrition for everyone. The only right nutrition is the one based on your Individual Metabolic Type!

Any food can be Good or Bad, depending on its effect on a given Metabolic Profile

Any given food or nutrient can have different effect on different individuals.

So what can you do to get it right for You?

Get your Metabolic Type identified and start following your nutrition plan according to your Metabolic Profile. This approach leads to continual improvement of your overall health and energy levels. You can even kiss fatigue goodbye, eliminate sweet cravings and enjoy better moods, more focus/concentration and prevent serious conditions.

What are the added Benefits of MT?

MT is a very effective, successful way to correct any biochemical imbalances, because MT addresses your metabolic ‘uniqueness’ as its first goal.

MT helps you correct your minor and major metabolic disturbances.

MT eliminates symptoms such as indigestion, cravings, mental fatigue, and anxiety within days and weeks.

Why does MT work well for all individuals?

As a scientific, validated, reliable, proven methodology of finding Your unique Metabolic profile, MT helps you pinpoint how any food and supplements will work for you.

The only so called ‘right nutrition ’ is the one that is based on your unique Metabolic Typing®. Otherwise it is like playing lotto: you might get it right, but chances are that you might not.

As we live in a world of information overload, we come across conflicting advice from leading health authorities. In addition our society goes through various dietary trends. For example‚ in the 90’s soy was touted as the wonder food, now even doctors are saying that soy causes cancer.(telegraph 14th January 2007)

How does MT work?

It works on the fact, that we have 9 Fundamental Homeostatic Controls (FHC’s)


  1. Autonomic Nervous System Type Master regulator of metabolism
  2. Oxidative System Type Intracellular energy conversion
  3. Endocrine Type Influences food selection relative to weight control
  4. Acid/Alkaline Balance Reflects homeostasis through pH
  5. Anabolic/Catabolic Balance Intracellular oxygen metabolism
  6. Electrolyte Balance regulates circulation and osmotic pressure
  7. Prostaglandin Balance Regulates inflammatory and immune response
  8. Constitutional Type Links constitutional elements of foods with metabolism
  9. Blood Type basis for blood type specific food reactivity

From 9 FHC’s, the Autonomic and the Oxidative systems are the 2 most important systems to address because these FHC’s regulate all the other 7. For this reason, it is very important to establish which one of these 2 is the dominant factor in your MT profile.

By balancing your dominant factor all the other homeostatic control systems will be balanced in turn. Yet, if your dominant factor is not addressed and balanced, then attempting to balance the other FHC’s will not achieve the desired result of complete biochemical balance.

Only Metabolic Typing® Testing can establish your dominant factor.

What is the Autonomic Nervous System type?

The ANS, referred to as the master regulator of metabolism, has 2 divisions: the Sympathetic and the Parasympathetic. Each works in opposition to the other, yet they work together to maintain homeostasis (metabolic balance and efficiency).

For example, Sympathetic nervous stimulation speeds the heart rate, while Parasympathetic stimulation slows the heart rate. Together, the Sympathetic and the Parasympathetic divisions work to maintain the proper heart rate, as well as the functioning of all the various organs and glands.

Certain organs are "switched on" by the Sympathetic and "switched off" by the Parasympathetic, while other organs are "switched on" by the Parasympathetic and "switched off" by the Sympathetic.

Some people have inherited stronger organs and glands that are stimulated by the Sympathetic division. These are known as the Sympathetic Dominant Metabolic Types. Other people have inherited greater strength overall in the Parasympathetic organs and glands and are thus known as Parasympathetic Dominant Metabolic Types. In those whose organs and glands are relatively balanced between Sympathetic and Parasympathetic influences, the term Balanced Dominants is used to describe their Metabolic Type.

What is the Oxidative System?

While it might be said that the ANS is concerned with maintenance and regulation of energy, the Oxidative System concerns the rate at which nutrients are converted to energy within all of your body’s 100 trillion cells.

A great majority of the population fits into a Metabolic Profile known as Fast Oxidisers. They are very sensitive to carbohydrates (hence the obesity epidemic). Fast Oxidisers are prone to diabetes, hypoglycemia and general hyperness with symptoms of exhaustion when they have wrong carbs and the wrong Fuel Mix at meals. Fuel Mix is the right combination of protein, fats and carbohydrates in one meal. Only MT can pinpoint that for every person.

Emotionally, Fast Oxidisers become irritable, hyper and unproductive when they oxidize too fast. Wrong carbohydrates, inadequate protein and wrong fats cause Fast Oxidisers to oxidise even faster. Put simply: the wrong fuel mix will exacerbate their already existing metabolic imbalance, whereas the right fuel mix will balance it.

Slow Oxidisers are prone to lethargic episodes and they easily dip into apathetic moods or even withdrawal. They can become even more lethargic when they consume wrong fat and protein for their MT in their daily fuel mix.

Slow Oxidisers need more specific vegetables with appropriate proteins in order to stay in their metabolic balance so they can enjoy stable physical energy, good concentration and focus throughout the day.

In essence, we are all so diverse that even within the same group, whether Slow Oxidisers or Fast Oxidisers, individual differences need to be to fine-tuned. This fine tuning is based on the dominant Endocrine Type, daily rhythms and the constitutions of individuals.
This comparison is just another practical example of the diversity within us all.

How many MT profiles are there?

In establishing your unique MT profile, there are 9 possible Metabolic Type combinations involving the pairing of the Autonomic and the Oxidative Systems:

Sympathetic Fast Balanced Fast Parasympathetic Fast
Sympathetic Mixed Balanced Mixed Parasympathetic Mixed
Sympathetic Slow Balanced Slow Parasympathetic Slow

3 core Premises of MT

  1. Any Nutrient and any Food can Have Virtually Opposite Biochechemical Influences in Different Metabolic Types.

    For example, in one Metabolic Type, calcium will have a stimulatory, acidifying effect, while in a different Metabolic Type; the same calcium will have a sedating, alkalinizing effect. We now know that fruits and vegetables, long believed to have an alkaline impact on the body, will actually acidify certain Metabolic Types, and that meat will alkalinize instead of acidify certain Metabolic Types. This discovery changes everything and shatters many of the traditional, allopathic ways of practicing nutritional science.

    As Lucretius (c. 99 B.C. – c. 55 B.C.) summed it up eloquently
    What is food to one man may be fierce poison to others.

  2. Your metabolic type defines the way the body reacts to nutrients and supplements
  3. Any Adverse SYMPTOM or DEGENERATIVE conditions can arise due to virtually Opposite Biochemical Imbalances in any individuals. For example, treating osteoporosis in a Protein type Fast Oxidiser person needs to be addressed in a completely opposite nutritional manner compared to Carbohydrate type Slow Oxidiser person.

    The fast oxidiser would respond well to higher calcium and lower potassium intake, whereas the slow oxidiser would feel worse on this regime of calcium supplementation and, would actually require higher potassium and magnesium.

    Currently, the protocol for Osteoporosis is to give everyone more calcium. This clearly shows how one approach for all is detrimental to our health.

Therefore there is no UNIVERSAL diet that would suit everyone as everyone is unique—

Also, 2 people with the same degenerative disease can have virtually opposite biochemical imbalances, and react differently to diet and supplements.

Do I Need A Metabolic Typing® Advisor?

  1. MT Advisor can help you understand the technical information provided in your reports.
  2. MT Advisor can help you set reasonable and easily attainable goals that work for your lifestyle and help you transition to your Metabolic Type Diet.
  3. MT Advisor can educate you about nutritional supplements: how to use them properly, which ones are right and wrong for your Metabolic Type, how to recognize good supplements and how to stay away from bad ones.
  4. MT Advisors, most importantly, can monitor your individual nutritional needs as they change, adjust your program when necessary, and help you to achieve the results you're looking for as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  5. The importance of working with an accredited MT Advisor is to get you in optimal balance much faster with more efficiency. Your MT advisor’s role is to fine-tune your MT plan based on your dominant system, daily biorhythms and endocrine dominance.

No matter what your lifestyle, whether you work around the clock, have small children, travel regularly or just live a stressed life, your MT Advisor can help you strategize a plan to keep your MT Program on track. An MT Advisor is there for you to make your MT plan work!

My personal note to you:

I incorporate metabolic typing®, kinesiology and fat loss/nutritional coaching in bringing you into optimal health and wellness. Following this approach, I have seen results in my clients literally within days and weeks and they report of feeling continual improvement.

It is amazing what is possible when all 3 approaches are combined into one.

How can you get started on your MT Plan?

Click here for clinic locations and hours or here to book your session now.

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Cancellation Policy
In order to make it fair for everyone and allow someone to benefit from your time in case you need to reschedule/cancel for any reason please ensure 24 hours notice otherwise a full fee still applies.

Following my curiosity and instinct I attended Teya's workshop on Metabolic Typing® and discovered the missing link in regaining my health. I cancelled my appointment with the dietitian I was to see the next day and made my first appointment with Teya.

Once my Metabolic Type was established, Teya personalized it further and began working with my food sensitivities. I have not been able to enjoy cheese for years, but now love my camembert, and peanut butter among many other foods which I could not tolerate before. Quite liberating and empowering that our bodies can do that.

Using kinesiology, Teya balanced my whole body, brain and emotions due to long term stress (clearing energy pathways, changing negative thinking habits, releasing built up emotions). Teya's manner is very positive and reassuring and at the same time inspiring and dynamic. After each session I felt freer and knew that life is getting back on track, a wonderful feeling of liberation and ease taking place my life. In less than 3 months my energy levels have increased noticeably, my mental clarity has improved greatly and I am enjoying numerous uplifting comments of how well I am looking.

Thanks Teya, you were right, it didn't take as long as I thought it would, and after 5 sessions, I can truly say that I am a different person.
  Lesia Campbell

Teacher and Educational Counselor


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