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Thursday, February 22, 2018
Find your centre
Find your inner balance
Find your health
Find your inner strength and energy
Find your pleasure in being you
Empowered Living uses the most powerful/transformational techniques, tools and modalities from the physical, nutritional and emotional health sciences
Teya’s integrated holistic approach to your Wellness:
Applied Kinesiology
uses your body’s own wisdom to pinpoint the stresses and strains you carry within. CLICK HERE to read more about Applied Kinestology.
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
is an empowering and gentle process which easily frees you of stressful inner emotional Clutter. CLICK HERE to read more about EFT
Metabolic Typing®
uncovers your unique biochemical individuality allowing you to eat to suit who you are. CLICK HERE to read more about Metabolic Typing®
Gifts of the spirit
discover how to use the power of your own expanded awareness. CLICK HERE to find out more about Teya’s Effortless Meditation Technique
Empowered Fat Loss
SUCCESFUL DIETING isn’t about counting calories and starving yourself. CLICK HERE to read more about Empowered Fat Loss
Empowered Living
Worldwide EFT Coaching Sessions

You will find Teya’s SUCCESS COACHING extremely helpful. CLICK HERE to read more about EFT Coaching Sessions

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