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Thursday, February 22, 2018

  1. What is Effortless Meditation Technique?
  2. How is it different from other forms of meditation?
  3. What is a mantra?
  4. Why do we need to practice meditation?
  5. How does EMT work in achieving stillness of mind?
  6. What is Coherence?
What is Effortless Meditation Technique?
Effortless Meditation Technique (EMT) is just that; a meditation technique which is easy to learn and practice. Anyone can learn it effortlessly, no matter what your religious beliefs, profession or physical condition. EMT is based on effortlessness in its main goal of helping you to meditate and enjoy your meditation practice regularly.

If our meditation technique is not an enjoyable one to us, our minds will not want to meditate, no matter what the benefits may be or what the scientific studies reveal. Having a meditation technique that is effortless and enjoyable is what motivates our busy minds to want to meditate in the first place and reap the benefits as a reward.

How is it different from other forms of meditation?
There are many systems of meditation; however, they mainly fall into two categories: concentration and contemplation. Concentration involves effort – and inevitably keeps the mind lively and active. Contemplation, on the other hand, involves thinking about something. One thought leads onto another and, again, the mind remains active. EMT is neither concentration nor contemplation.

EMT is based on a form of transcendence with the purpose of discovering the stillness that with regular practice leads one to discover the true Self. Some meditation techniques include a Sanskrit mantra – a sound that has no specific meaning, just a vibration. EMT is based on a Sanskrit Sutra – a sound, like a mantra, but with the specific meaning or purpose of awakening our mind.

Sutras are used to awaken the mind to resonate with self-empowering qualities such as, compassion, acceptance, self-love and non-attachment.

Buddhist meditation is about the observation of the thoughts and the present sensations and learning to detach from them. Transcendental Meditation is based on using a mantra based on astrology and gender of the person.

In Effortless Meditation we simply bypass our constant busy, chit chat mind and experience the stillness of the Self, that calm, peaceful even blissful state that is underneath the daily stresses.

What is a mantra?
Mantra is a sound. Sound is a vibration which penetrates, infiltrates our brain structure and our mind and is able to neurologically enchant the busy chit-chat monkey mind from its habitual over-thinking. We don’t need to chant the mantra out loud; in fact it is more powerful when we repeat the mantra silently in our mind. The mind is then fascinated by the subtle sound of the sutra and this fascination leads the mind to stop its fascination with constant thoughts and experience the awaiting stillness and peace within.
Why do we need to practice meditation?
Meditation awakens parts of the brain that we don’t use in our daily life.
Meditation increases our innate intelligence that part of our intelligence that allows our bodies to self correct       imbalances
Meditation increases our creative intelligence and ability to think
Promotes a feeling of calmness, ease and more peace in our daily life
Allows us to function with more productivity and less trying
Allows the body to repair itself and promotes self-healing as the mind is de-stressing
Meditation is so deeply relaxing that a 25 minute EMT technique is equivalent to approximately 4 hours of sleep.
Improves our overall health and gives our mind-body system the opportunity to rest and rejuvenate itself.
Enhances our Immune system
Promotes relaxation of muscles
Helps the body to release pain as it relaxes the entire nervous system and the muscles particularly when       incorporated with a subtle breathing technique
How does EMT work in achieving stillness of mind?
EMT works because it is shifts your brain wave using your own body and breath as opposed to using external sounds as in meditating with CD’s.

We can describe the type and level of activity in our brain by 4 brain wave patterns known as Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta:

Beta Brain Activity is at 16 – 30 cycles per second in the Hertz scale. This is a highly analytical state of thinking, rationalizing, planning, and just responding to daily stresses of living. Beta is emitted when we are consciously alert, analyzing tasks, or we feel agitated, tense, afraid.
Alpha Brain Activity is 15 – 8 cycles per second. This is a more creative, lateral thinking brain activity. Alpha is emitted when we are in a state of physical and mental relaxation, although aware of what is happening around us.
Theta Brain Activity is 7 – 4 cycles per second. This is a highly relaxed state that advanced meditators reach in their meditation. It is higher in awareness and allows one to expand their consciousness beyond the mind and intellect.
 it is a state of somnolence with reduced consciousness.
Delta Brain Activity is 4 – 0.4 cycles per second. This is beyond the pain threshold and a very deep state of relaxation. It is emitted when there is unconsciousness, deep sleep or catalepsy.
Regular meditation creates more coherence, harmony and productivity in our daily life.
What is Coherence?
Coherence is unity. We experience unity within ourselves that is our mind, thoughts, feelings and actions from meditation. Firstly, coherence in our brain wave pattern affects how we experience life, as seen from the brain wave patterns. If we spend most of our time in beta brain we literally frazzle and are unable to enjoy what we are doing because eventually we get tense and stressed.

When we are able to shift our beta brain into alpha and theta we start to feel better about our life and are able to see the bigger picture. We become more coherent and productive as a result of regular meditation.

Secondly, with regular meditation we are able to create a place of stillness where we find the answers within but more importantly we unplug from the daily stresses that frazzle our brain and our body.

Effortless meditation technique is specifically designed to enjoy meditation without having to try and meditate or focus on anything, or exert effort in order to experience peace of mind. Hence, it is effortless.

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