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Thursday, February 22, 2018
Do you want to MANAGE STRESS and feel more balanced, empowered and energetic than ever before?
You can feel strong in who you are, living life as you choose, free from unwanted emotional baggage, free from chronic stress and fatigue, and free from food addiction. You can feel empowered in all your relationships, dealing with issues and challenges creatively and resourcefully. You can free up your body, release aches and pains and enjoy feeling energized and balanced.

As a SUCCESS COACH I combine the latest and best from the physical, nutritional and emotional health sciences to help YOU power ahead. During your SUCCESS CONSULTING SESSIONS I coach you in using practical, easy to learn techniques in empowering yourself. Take your ‘inner journey’ to health and personal power.

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SUCCESFUL DIETING isn’t about counting calories and starving yourself. It’s about understanding yourself, your stress patterns and your biochemical individuality.

TEYA uses an INTEGRATED PROGRAM using EFT & Metabolic Typing® to bring you back into a state of inner balance and health. She also designs a unique nutritional program just for you. CLICK HERE to read in detail about Teya’s Results Fat Loss Program.

You will find Teya’s SUCCESS COACHING extremely helpful if you are stressed, having relationship difficulties or wanting to improve any area of your life including your career and performance.

Teya’s EFT Coaching transforms ordinary lives in to extraordinary journeys. Your investment in Empowered Living EFT Coaching will pay for itself many times over … guaranteed. Book in for your complimentary 30 minutes session and experience inner transformations which transform your life.

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